<center>Man Shot And Beaten By Stepson For Housing Bi-Racial Grandkids</center>

Man Shot And Beaten By Stepson For Housing Bi-Racial Grandkids


A Mississippi man was left in critical condition earlier this month following a brutal attack by his racist stepson, who beat and shot the man when he learned that he was housing his bi-racial grandchildren.

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A burning cross, a Smith county man beaten and shot by a family member, and in critical condition. We are told this is much more than a family feud, and outraged family members are calling it a “hate crime.” This is a WLBT news exclusive.

Craig Wilson’s sister says Craig was brutally attacked by a relative for allowing his mixed race grandchildren to stay at his home over the weekend.

The family tells us his stepson, with his son, came to Wilson’s property screaming racist remarks at the family. The stepson, Jeff Daniels, and Craig Wilson allegedly got into a heated argument over his grandchildren. The family claims they threatened him, then beat him before shooting Wilson in the stomach.  They classify the incident as a hate crime.

“Yes they called him some severe names and then they told him to leave and they chased him off his porch around his house and beat him with brass knuckles and shot him with his own gun,” said Julie Wilson, the victim’s sister.

The mother of the three children remains distraught that her father is fighting for his life. Laura Runnels said

“It’s just really hard to deal with right now,” said Runnels. Runnels is Wilson’s daughter. She is white. The father of the children is black. He declined to go on camera and talk with us.

According to the family, the threats to keep the mixed race grandchildren away have been ongoing, and two weeks ago the family found a cross burning in their yard.

Wilson says this is a hate crime, but the sheriff doesn’t agree.

The Sheriff says Jeff Daniels has been released on $20-thousand dollars bond. Daniels was charged with aggravated assault. The Sheriff says this is not a “hate crime” under state law. The investigation is ongoing.

This is disgusting and ridiculous. There’s NO WAY this animal should be free on bail and facing any lesser charge than attempted murder. SMH!


August 28th, 2014

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