Dj Keilo

Dj Keilo
Birth name
Dj Kielo
Brooklyn, NY
Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Soca, Calypso, Jazz, Reggaeton
Years active
15 years



The dictionary defines a kilo as any unit of measure equaling 1000. Anyone who has ever been to one of his parties would define D.J. Keilo as someone who will give you 1000 percent on the mic, while most D.J.’s go hard few can match the energy level that Keilo brings.

Born in the county of Kings, better known as Brooklyn, NY, Dj Keilo was born into the life. Music is far from a stranger to him as his uncle Flantis was head of internationally known Ninja Band. But it did not stop there as both his father and grandfather were both heavily into music and his older brother Devo and cousin Troiops started a very successful set known as Klimaxx. Keilo has attributed this to being the exposure to the world of deejaying that started him on his eventual path. Along with influences by notable artist such as Kid Capri and Funk Master Flex, Akiel quickly picked up all the nuances that would propel him to star status as a DJ.

At first he was strictly playing reggae music, listening to the likes of Stone Love, King Addies, and Kilamanjaro. But he soon learned that by having an ear to all kinds of music he could bridge the genres into a style all of his own. Now Keilo can be found in clubs from the West Coast to the East Coast and all points in between killing the mic with his trademark style of “chatting”.

Keilo currently is tearing up the midwest as he resides in Oklahoma after graduating from Langston University. Most would say that this is an unlikely stop for a Brooklyn native with Guyanese roots, but instead of being a fish out of water he has not only reinvented the club scene out in the bible belt but has created an entirely new movement along with his crew the Hi-Def D.J.’s. D.J.s GMCK, Quest, Tagus, and DSA are his partners in crime this crew is destined to hit the mid section of the country harder than the 1930′s dust bowl.